Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend With The Grandkids

This past weekend was the first time Pete & I took care of all 5 of our grandkids (ages 1,  almost 2, 3, 4, and 6).  The photos below were mostly taken on Friday afternoon, when everyone was at their best.  As the weekend progressed the novelty wore off and there were some not-so-fun moments.  But overall, the weekend was a lot of fun and we were glad that they were here!  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful This Thursday . . .

I'm thankful this Thursday for the thoughtfulness of my friend, Karen.  This is what she brought to my house this morning, fresh from her garden.  My daughter-in-law Jazmin is recovering from outpatient surgery & I have been caring for my two youngest granddaughters.  It has been an extra busy week at our house and Karen has been a sweet source of encouragement to me, showing  her concern by sending me messages each night on Facebook and then showing up here this morning.  This, in turn, motivates me to encourage others in tangible ways such as this.  There are opportunities each day to reach out and Karen shows that it doesn't have to be complicated.  She is a blessing to our church family!

And let us consider how we may spur one another on
toward love and good deeds.
Hebrews 10:24

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Visit To Greenfield Village

 Pete & I spent last Saturday wandering through Greenfield Village, in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.  The village is part of The Henry Ford Museum, a large complex that was started by Henry Ford himself.  Henry Ford began collecting items as early as 1906 and Greenfield Village was opened in 1929. 

I am collecting the history of our people, as written into things
their hands made and used . . . and when we are through,
we shall have reproduced American life as lived, and that, I think,
is the best way of preserving at least a part of our history and tradition.
                                ~Henry Ford

Greenfield Village is the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in America.  It includes nearly 100 buildings that were moved there from their original locations.  They have been arranged in a village-like setting, which makes it very enjoyable to stroll through and travel back in time.  We spent nearly six hours there and only saw only about half of it. (Which necessitates a trip back sometime in the future!)  

The first building that we visited was Henry Ford's childhood home and was originally located just a few miles from where it is now.  When Ford had it moved here, he took great pains to restore it exactly as it was when he was growing up.  My favorite part of visiting the village was going into the homes and getting a glimpse into how people lived in the past.  A sign noted that his mother was passionate about her family and keeping things in order.  This was reflected in virtually all of the homes that we entered  and I was struck by the simplicity and the practicality of how they were set up.  I left feeling inspired to go home and put my own house in order!

 This is the Wright Brother's shop, where they built, sold, and repaired bicycles. They used the money they made to pay for their aviation experiments.  This shop is considered the "birthplace of aviation" and is where the Wright Flyer was made.  

Located next to the shop was the Wright family home, which unfortunately I didn't take a picture of.  But honestly it inspired me more than the shop!  Orville & Wilbur grew up in a family where learning and working was encouraged.  I couldn't help but notice all of the books on the shelves and also scriptures that were prominently displayed on the walls of the home.

 This is a millinery, or hat shop, that was owned and operated by Elizabeth Cohen in Detroit, 1880.  She opened this business as a young widow, tending the shop downstairs and caring her young children upstairs.

 Here is a sign that was posted in front of another building that I didn't take a picture of, a simple building that served as the medical practice of Dr Alonson Howard in the mid-late 1800's.  What caught our eye was that this was located in Tekonsha Michigan, just a few miles from where we live!  He treated his patients, using herbs and natural remedies.  One whole room held big kegs of elixers that he had concocted himself, using plants he grew himself in a garden outside of his shop.  We learned from the tour guide that when he died, his family boarded up the building and it sat for over 70 years before it was opened.  It is a virtual time capsule of how Dr. Howard left it!

 I apparently was more interested in taking pictures of the signs rather than the buildings!  This sign was on the outside of a reproduction of the cabin where George Washington Carver was born.  I have a lot of respect for him because of his belief in using the natural things that God has provided and finding innovative ways of benefitting mankind.  He is most associated with the use of peanuts and introducing peanut butter, but he experimented and taught people many ways of using crops.

 Not all of the homes belonged to famous people.  This home belonged to a family from southern Georgia.  They were just common people in society, in the 1920's - 40's who were known for working hard and serving the people in their community.  As soon as I saw this home, I was reminded of the home of my grandparents on my mom's side.  The furnishings were very similar, and it even smelled the same!  As we got to the back of the house I learned why ---there was a wood cookstove where they had just fried some chicken!

 This sign was posted outside of the office of Luther Burbank, who is known for cultivating the Burbank Russet potatoes, which was of great help in Ireland, as they recovered from the Great Potato Blight of the 1840's.  He also was a pioneer in many other horticultural achievements.  You can click on the photo to better read this quote; I wholeheartedly agree with his philosophy!

 One of the larger homes we saw was the home of Noah Webster, most well-known because of his dictionary.  But we learned of the many other ways he encouraged people to learn and have a better life.

This windmill was brought here from Cape Cod Massachusetts and was built in 1633.

These photos show only a fraction of all there is to see at the village!  If you live in Michigan and haven't been there, or if you ever make a trip up this way, this is a place we recommend you visit!  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vacation Bible School

We had Vacation Bible School last Friday, Saturday, Sunday at our church (Coldwater Church of Christ).  Our theme was God's Colorful World and we had 3 lessons: 
God Created A World Of Color
A Rainbow Is God's Promise
Jesus Loves The Little Children Of The World
We divided the kids into 2 groups (Ages 4-7 & Ages 8-12) and rotated them through 4 learning stations (Bible Story, Science, Crafts, & Recreation).  The photos below show the kids enjoying all the fun activities. 


Monday, July 20, 2015

God Is STILL My Delight

It was about 6 1/2 years ago that I started this blog, and for the first few years I posted fairly regularly.  But over the past couple of years, I've only showed up here occasionally.  The main reason is that my time has been more limited than it was in the past, but also that I have felt that there is an "information overload" in cyberspace.  I feel overwhelmed every time I log onto Facebook . . . . so many updates, so many links, so many things to read.  Some of it uplifting, some of it disturbing, some of it entertaining, some of it trivial, some of it interesting.  So many voices, and I haven't felt inclined to add to the noise.  

But lately someone made a point to tell me that she missed my blog posts.  (That was very kind of you, Linda!  I appreciated your sweet words.)  And I have a little site meter on the right side of this blog where it shows how often people visit here and where they are from.  It surprises me how often people come here, especially when there has been nothing added since last January!  So I have felt a bit of motivation to come here more frequently and post a few thoughts, with the hope that it will brighten the day of anyone who happens to come here.  

The title of my blog, God Is My Delight, expresses the source of all the blessings in my life and I want this space to be used to give Him the praise and glory of which He is worthy.  There have been many changes in my life since January 2008 and God has been with me through all of them.  He is STILL my delight, because He is STILL faithful.  Not that there hasn't been problems or challenges.  He never promised a trouble-free life, but He has promised to always be with me through all of my days.  What greater comfort could there be than to have the Sovereign King of Kings with me every moment of every day?!

The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.
The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.
The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made.
The Lord is near to all who call on him, who call on him in truth.
The Lord watches over all who love him.

(selected verses from Psalm 145)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Looking For Warmth

The only way I know to endure the subzero temperatures we're experiencing,
is to look for ways to enjoy it.


Ways I've coped this week:

fleece-lined leggings
mugs of hot chocolate
watching birds at our backyard feeders
making scrapbook pages of photos from last summer


Thanks, God, for warmth,
For the sun coming up like hope,
Like joy in the morning,
Laying a gentle hand on my hair,
Melting the sharpness of the world.
Thanks, God,for warmth,
For warm clothes, warm rooms, warm bed,
Warm-bodied animals - cats,dogs-
Warm water to wash in,
Tea, soup, warm bread,
A fire on the hearth,
Warm friendships,
Kindness for a stranger,
Thanks, God, for warmth.
It feels like your smile.

~author unknown

Monday, May 12, 2014

Recent Backyard Visitors

After our long winter, this was a welcome sight!


This pair of doves show up every evening around 5:30.  These two are the only doves that come and they are always together.


There's this one blue jay that shows up every couple of days and he doesn't stay around very long.  Blue jays have a bad reputation for badgering smaller birds, but this one seems nice enough.  And he's BLUE, my favorite color!  I loved finding blue jay feathers when I was a little girl.


This bird is a house finch, which are also very similar to purple finches that sometimes visit our feeders as well.  


I never get tired of seeing these bright yellow goldfinches at my feeders!  It has been fun watching the coats of the males turn more yellow as spring as progressed.  I really would like to have more of these.  We've put out some nyger seed, which they supposedly prefer, but it hasn't made a difference so far.


As I opened my curtains one morning last week, I immediately spotted about 5 or 6 of these white-crowned sparrows.  I had not seen them before and didn't know what they were called, so I had to look them up.  They are migratory birds here in Michigan.  I haven't seen any for the past couple of days, so I assume they are on their way north.  I hope they stop here again in the fall when they travel back down south!  I love how their stripes are so bright!

I've been on the look-out for a rose-breasted grosbeak.  A couple of my neighbors have seen them and I'm hoping one will soon find it's way to my backyard.

Also, a couple from church gave us a hummingbird feeder a few days ago.  Pete hung it this evening, so I'm hoping to attract lots of those this summer too!

All of these pictures were taken through my dining room window.  I can't walk through our dining room without stopping to see what birds might be out there.  I find it to be a pleasant distraction from housework!